Debt collector Denmark

Debito is a online debt collector in Denmark, and one of the best performing debt collector in the Nordic contries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland), also called inkassofirma in Danish.

In Denmark debt isnt easy to collect if you own a Company and have a unpaid invoice, but Debito make it easy to collect unpaid debt and invoices. You, as a Company, only have to upload the unpaid invoice or other documentation for the debt. Debito help from start to end, and you dont have to do more than uploading the documentation. Debito secure the “interest rate”. Debito find a laywer or a debt collection firm to your case and invoices.

Debito’s partner write, call and meet the debters (your costumers).

Debt collection in Denmark is easy and cheap

Debito works with No cure, No pay, and you only pay if Debito and there partners (laywer) collect your unpaid invoice. If they dont collect your money, you dont pay and the debt collection is free without any costs for you or your company – cool, right?!?

If Debito collect your invoice (and they hopefully will) you pay 10 procent of what they collect for you. Thats 100 procent no cure – no pay. Its easy and cheap that way, and the by favt cheapest service in Denmark, Sweden, norway and North germany (Scandinavia).

Debito is own by Denmark’s 5 th largest bank, Spar Nord, Mortang Advokat, Morten Holst Henriksen and Christoffer Baadsgaard (co-founders).

Debito works with laywers, collector firms, and will every time find the perfect fit for your company and debtors. The service is online and its possible to upload and follow online, on the dashboard at

Debito can handler cases for (and agenst) Danish, norwegian and swedish costumers, (international inkasso) every time is the price 10 procent and every time NO CURE NO PAY for you as a costumer.

Debito is based in Aalborg, Nordjylland in DK but wotks in All contries and is world wide service, online.

Debito is debt collection made easy and cheap, wirh no minimum or maximum amount on the invoice you have. Upload the documentation, PDF, jpeg or simply take a picture with your phone.

We love then things are easy and simple to use – and Debito is what you want and need for a debt collector in Denmark, without any hassle and totaly hasslefree for all firms All around the world.

We highly recommend Debito then you need a nice solution for unpaid invoices and secure your cashflow and economy. Your accountant will love you and your economy.

By default they speak danish but have a english speaking costumercare, hotline and support.