Top 10 ways to make free Crypto money online

Everybody wants free money, and free money is actually possible. No you probably can’t make a living from it, but it IS possible to make real amount of money online from different websites. Here we are going to take a look at the 10 best choices if you want to get your hands on free crypto currency, without doing to much work. Later we’ll come up with top 10 choices for how to earn fiat.

Faucets has been known from the beginning of Bitcoin, and today, there are real solid solutions that with a little effort can give you some beermoney, and some of them actually grind for years and years with little or almost no effort.



It’s not new anymore, but is by far the most advanced and serious way to make crypto money for free in the long wrong. Rollercoin is a mining simulator. But it does not only simulate, you mine real crypto, and if your invest what you mine in the beginning, you can build up to actually withdraw serious money after some time. You basicly then have to visit the site every five days to keep it running, but if you don’t your can easily start the mining again.

There are ALWAYS those that go all in, invest real money and cash out big, but for regular players you can easily build up a mining account that will generate close to $100 a month for free after six months. Yes in the beginning you’ll have to spend maybe an hour a day answering surveys, playing fun games, but after that you can log onto your account every 5 day and spend 10 minuts playing a small game or recharging your miningrigs, and then it just works for you.

We HIGHLY recommend getting started with Rollercoin, if you’ve ever heard how compounding will make you rich, every day you’re not on rollercoin, is wasted. SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE.

And a little warning, some of the small stupid games can be really addictive!



This is mainly a classic faucet, but then they build ALL these extra things into it, really cool things. Also it is one of the best paying faucets, you get like 20 SATS every hour, and for everyday you sign in, you get a loyaltybonus of 1%, so after a 100 days your get double! Cointiply may be the best, but maybe also the most solid, being around for almost 10 years paying out huge amount of money.

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Earn Free Bitcoin



This is a fun game, and not really a game, to easy to be a game, but a fun way to earn money. You basicly buy birds, they lay eggs. You sell the eggs, buy more birds, and at some point you trade the profit from the eggs into goldbars that transfer directly to your paypal-account. The demand for being active is zero, ind the sense, that it continues producing for months without you logging ind.

Get started producing eggs for free, turning them into money. Make it happen even faster, throw in a bit of satoshis and it will grow rapidly: START EARNING NOW.

Profit every 10 minutes!



The oldest crypto faucet known to man, and a faucet you can trust. It ain’t fancy, it aint the best graphic, it isn’t a lot of things, but it WORKS.

Get started producing eggs for free, turning them into money. Make it happen even faster, throw in a bit of satoshis and it will grow rapidly: START SUCKING THAT FAUCET!.



Close to totally free effortless mining? Yes it is real! With a basic account you mine between $2 and $3 worth of bitcoin a week, by simply opening the app approximately every 4 hours and press a green button. You even get the first $3 dollar worth of btc when signing up with the link from here.

So is there a catch? There always is. The bitcoin you mine has to be invested in trading, and the benefits of this trading is real money to you. So if you mine $100, opens a position in BTC that jumps 10% you can withdraw $10 and so on. But what if the position drops? Well, you loose what you’ve mined if closing the tradingposition. But without knowing almost nothing about trading, I can assure you that you can find a day you can make a gain.

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But??? A casino is NOT free crypto? It is if it has the best and most giving faucet included, you can play with over 8 different cryptos for free, day after day after day, till you hit it.

So get on with your gambling adventure for free: START GAMBLING THAT FAUCET AWAY!.



A faucet in its basic form, with simple chance of getting up to 0.2 ETH every hour on the clock. Yes you can gamble some of it away, or you can just grind it till your rich as F***.

Ethereum changed how a crypto is working by eliminating mining the way we use to know it in 2022, and since then established itself as the modern crypto : GRIND THAT ETH!.



A faucet in its basic form, with simple chance of getting up to 370 MATIC every hour on the clock. That is not at all a bad deal, yes it takes times, but it IS for free.

MATIC crypto is one of the fastest growing and popular cryptos, so get on board: GET YOUR EASY MATIC CRYPTO HERE!.


Top 10 to get most free money out of Rollercoin

Rollercoin has become a huge succes within a few years, reason being that people actually experience that they can make real money. Rollercoin, if you’ve never heard of it, is a crypto mining simulator, where you mine real free crypto for yourself.

To get the most out of Rollercoin, and secure a more passive beer money income in the long run, the overall strategy is grinding in the beginning, so you can relax in the long run, if you compound in the beginning.

And yes, before anything else, you should sign up to this free fun game, that WILL make you free money in the long run, even if you don’t put in an investment, and don’t put in that many hours. Sign up for RollerCoin NOW.


1. Playing the games to get free tokens and items

There is no way getting around playing the small games in Rollercoin in the beginning. It is simply the way to get items, small miners and items you need, without putting in your own money. Playing the small games gives you rewards as energy boost, increased hashrates for limit times etc. Each game normally takes under one minut, but is the way to get started, but also in the long run, the way to continue increasing your free earnings.



2. Play the RIGHT games

Not all games give you the same points, so be specific with what games you play. Also some are better at one game than others, play all games, but grind heavily those your good at, so you don’t spend time doing them over.


3. Get those XP-rewards

Yes you can throw money into the pool and get ALL the rewards. But again, of you wonna make money based purely on effort and not investment, you still get the bonus from playing the games, and every 5th XP-reward, and this is the way to go.


4. Do ALL surveys and get free crypto for miners

It may seem like Sisyfos rolling a stone up the hill, cause many surveys will en up being not for you, but those minor rewards for just trying, is absolutely worth it, especially in the beginning. The survey may offer Rolletoken award like 1.5 but if you don’t qualify beyond your demographic, almost everytime you get like 0,025 or simular, and it all adds up.


5. The minor tasks before the big ones.

Compounding means that your growth is always increasing, if you keep investing, but to keep investing you need something to invest. Yes the big rewards like 30 RLT tokens for playing a game up to a certain level is tempting, an you should do it some time, but you can easily spend a workweek playing Rise of Kingdom to get 35 tokens, but why not take 0,05 tokens for a 5 minut task in the beginning, so you can get your first miner as quickly as possible.


6. Buy special miners

When you look at miners they come at a price, and with a hashrate, so its really easy to calculate price pr. delivered hashrate, and thus easy to figure out which miners to buy. RollerCoin continues to launch limited edition minors, and they often has better price pr. hashrate, and then also gives you extra bonus for being a special item.


7. Keep focus and keep a record

Its easy to loose your head in the possibilities, so put down your strategy on paper, and write down what you do, so you know what worked well for you and what didn’t. An example: You are not the patient type, well accept that and buy miners when ever you got just enough cash. You hate surveys, then DON’T do it. You forget to cancel subs, then DON’T do tasks where you use creditcard details for a 7 day free trial. You’ll forget about it, and BAM, your earnings are gone.


8. Have patience and wait for Sales.

Yes it makes sense to buy special limited miners, and the really small but efficient miners at whatever price, but other than that, stay patient! Yes we preach compounding, but rather often the miner shop has a sale, and when the sales sometimes offer more than 50% discount, you can easily make more money keep your cool.



9. Craft the small miners as soon as possible

The small miners matter in the beginning, cause they are all you got. But as soon as you get items to upgrade dem, do so! They are not efficient miners, but they will be with the ingame upgrades you can do, to keep and eye on that.


10. The right powersplit

Rollercoin is based on the idea that the community all together, mine blocks in different cryptos. These blocks are free money distributed to the players, based on how many hashrates there miners deliver. But different crypto, has different popularity, and the size of the different blocks, is something you early on should start to monitor, so you always mine the crypto where you get the much for your hashrate.


We are not lying, you WILL get free money on RollerCoin, how many is up to you and your effort. Support us and your own wallet, sign up here and now.